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Longstanding partnership between Adventure Canada & the Wings Festival

Adventure Canada and Wings Over the Rockies Bird Festival


Each May, since 1997, the upper Columbia River Valley of BC witnesses the Wings Over the Rockies Bird Festival. One of the biggest and longest running wildlife festivals in Canada, Wings celebrates and helps protect the 180 kms long wetlands at the headwaters of the Columbia River. Each year Wings offers 100 events and presentations to its participants. Wings Over the Rockies has benefitted from a long connection with Adventure Canada.


Bill Swan, co-founder of Adventure Canada, is also a founder of the Wings Over the Rockies Festival. Bill helped draft Wings mission statement: “to foster immediate and long range positive action on behalf of birds, wildlife and habitat by utilizing and recognizing public education, research results, quality economic development and the skills and resources of our communities, balancing the needs of humans and natural systems.”


“Adventure Canada has been a steadfast supporter of Wings Over the Rockies since the festival’s beginning. Each year Adventure Canada donates a tour that is auctioned at our fundraising banquet support the Wings festival and its activities. Several Adventure Canada resource people have also been past keynote presenters including:  Robert Bateman, Ian Tamblyn, and Danny Catt. Thank you Adventure Canada for your unwavering support of our wildlife festival.“ Ross MacDonald – Chair, Wings Over the Rockies Bird Festival Society.


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