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Field School: Wetland Enhancement and Monitoring 101

Providing an ecological lift: Wetland Enhancement on the Hoodoos Conservation Property


Wetlands are amongst the most productive ecosystems on the planet.  In the Kootenay region, we are fortunate to have many largely intact wetlands, including the internationally significant Columbia Valley Wetlands, the perennial host of Wings Over the Rockies Festival.


The Nature Trust of British Columbia, a land trust that conserves ecologically significant land in the province, has been working in the Columbia Valley securing and stewarding land since the 1970s.  Many of our properties feature healthy wetland ecosystems.  Meanwhile, others contain wetlands that need a little help to realize their full potential.


In 2016, The Nature Trust and our partners embarked on a plan to enhance an existing wetland on our Hoodoos Conservation Property, near Fairmont Hot Springs.  The goal was to lengthen the time the wetland stayed wet each year. By doing so, we would improve habitat for a variety of species.


A year later, with help from our partners, expert consultants, an excavator and an army of volunteers we were able to use two techniques to enhance the wetland.  One wetland basin was excavated with a clay liner, while the other utilized an industrial grade pond liner, all in an effort to reduce water percolation into the earth.


Since project completion, nature has taken over and biologists and technicians are monitoring the results.


Want to learn more?  Then join us for the Wings Over the Rockies event entitled “Field School: Wetland Enhancement and Monitoring 101” on Sat May 11thfrom 1 to 4 pm. Registration required.