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Explore with the 23rd Annual Wings Over the Rockies Festival

Explore – Investigate, Examine and Discover

Our roads and trails rest upon the millennia old heritage corridors of the first peoples who knew these landscapes and wildlife. We now float upon the Columbia River that was the fur trade highway to the Pacific. Para-gliders fly alongside mountains that early mountaineers first summited a century ago. Artists sit in the same place to sketch and photograph the vistas that have inspired peoples for generations. Has everything already been discovered?


Our Keynote Speaker, internationally celebrated explorer Laval St. Germaine, would disagree. Laval is the only Canadian to have climbed Mount Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen, the only person to have climbed and skied Iraq’s highest peak, and the holder of the fastest ever crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean by solo ocean row boat from mainland North America to mainland Europe. Hear and see what it takes to have the ability to step out way past normal, and shove off way past safe, but come back alive.

For 23 years, the Wings Over the Rockies Wildlife Festival has facilitated discovery of the rich natural and cultural history of the amazing Upper Columbia valley. In 2019 over 90 events brings expert explorers, presenters, guides, scientists, and artists to share their own discoveries and insights into the area’s wildlife and habitats.But every Wings participant will find their own experiences and meaning in these landscapes. Go ahead and explore!

Ross MacDonald,


2019 Wings Over the Rockies Wildlife Festival