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Thanksgiving from a birds eye view…. Wild Turkeys first appeared on the Lake Windermere Christmas Bird Count in 1990

The Wild Turkey is a common and mostly welcome site in the Columbia Valley. They provide hours of enjoyment to us all as they fearlessly allow us to get up close and personal during their daily life.

Right now there is an injured turkey hanging around the Radium Resort golf course. He has a bad leg – perhaps broken, but he is able to walk with a limp. He has been ousted from his flock, and the staff have adopted him. He has been named “Terry” and the staff have been feeding him with hopes of being able to capture him and take him to Veterinary Mark Zehnder for repairs. Here’s hoping for a happy ending for Terry that gives him a few more years of life

Story of Mark’s work supported by our Wings Over the Rockies Festival Constituents