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Farmer Oliver Egan is the heart and soul of Edible Acres Farm. He is passionate about growing all food and flowers, and a jack of all trades as he runs from farm, to greenhouse, to nursery to soil and compost patch. He brings bottomless energy and an appetite for great food to his team.

Lin Egan holds a BSc in Global Resource Systems from the University of BC, where she focused on sustainable agriculture and food safety. Lin has a passion and drive to bring food and flowers to her community in the
Columbia Valley.

Chef Randy MacSteven is a certified Red Seal Chef and is the heart and soul of Edible Acres Cafe. His passion for food continues to grow as he gets the opportunity to work with the fresh farm harvest every morning. He’s been inspired to imagine and create homespun food masterpieces.

Anna Steedman is sister of Lin Egan and grew up working at Winderberry, which turned into a life-long passion for anything that grows, from flowers to food. Anna is the glue that keeps the café and greenhouse moving through the seasons.

Together, this team of 4 continue to ebb and flow with the changing times, while keeping their core values of growing sustainable food and flowers front and centre, as well as creating healthy and tasty treats for the valley.

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