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Cam Gillies grew up in Windermere enjoying the birds and mountains of British Columbia. He is a keen birder and photographer and as a co-owner of Eagle-Eye Tours, he is excited to share his passion with others. Cam has guided several trips and has participated in a variety of research projects; everything from catching endangered Leopard Frogs to snow tracking Wolverines. He completed a PhD at the University of Alberta on the movement of forest birds in Costa Rica. During his fieldwork he managed to follow the movements of Barred Antshrikes and Rufous-naped Wrens with radio-telemetry as they flew far and wide! Over several years, he has traveled and birded his way through Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. He speaks Spanish, has been active in a number of conservation groups and enjoys time in the outdoors skiing, hiking, canoeing, and birding!

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