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The beauty, natural significance and variety of habitats found in the Columbia Valley attract many biologists, naturalists and conservationists who work to understand and preserve our natural ecosystems. Wings Over the Rockies Nature Festival has traditionally depended on the expertise of such people to make presentations and lead field trips through the wetlands, lakes, grasslands, and forests flanking the Columbia River. There are also local enthusiasts who have devoted years to observing birds and have gained an impressive expertise in birding. Our leaders and presenters contribute their time, energy and knowledge in their desire to educate and instill an appreciation for nature. Thanks to these dedicated volunteers!

2022 Leaders and Presenters Bios and Photos


Click on a name to read the biography of any one of the leaders and presenters.


  • Annette Luttermann
  • Carmen Dolinsky
  • Dr. Harvey Locke
  • Dr. Suzanne Bayley
  • Gareth Thomson
  • John Acorn
  • Lyle Grisedale
  • Lynn Martel
  • Myrna Pearman
  • Nicole Trigg & Meg Langley
  • Richard Hoar
  • Sarah Elmeligi
  • The Wardens


  • Andrea Petzold
  • Ben Mitchell-Banks
  • Bill Thompson
  • Black Star Studios
  • Blair McFarlane
  • Brian Wesley
  • Cam Gillies
  • Claude Rioux
  • Columbia River Paddle
  • Dave Zehnder
  • Deborah Griffith
  • Don Delaney and Kathleen Mpulubusi
  • Ellen Wilker
  • Fairmont Hot Springs Activity Experts
  • Heather Fischbuch
  • Jennifer Bowes
  • Jenny Feick & Ian Hatter
  • Jessie Paloposki
  • Joan Dolinsky & Annette Luttermann
  • John Zehnder
  • Kate MacKenzie
  • Kathleen Mpulubusi
  • Kevin Root
  • Leah Downey, Bill Thompson & Colin Cartwright
  • Main Street Fun & Games
  • Mary Harding
  • Natalie Forrest
  • Nola Alt
  • Nora Croft
  • Pat Bavin
  • Pat Morrow
  • Patrick Carrick
  • Paul Pritchard and Charmaine Dittrick
  • Phil Burke and Peter Holmes
  • Playwest Mountain Experiences - Chris Skinner
  • Randy Harris
  • Richard Hoar & Verena Shaw
  • Ron Grams
  • Ross MacDonald
  • Ryan Bavin
  • Scootin' Kootenay Tours
  • Sharon Wass
  • Steve O’Shaughnessy
  • The Old Blue Truck Farm
  • Tracy Grams
  • Winderberry Nursery & Edible Acres Farm & Cafe