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2022 Waiver for Outdoor Events

All attendees must present their signed Wings waiver upon check-in at outdoor events, in digital or printed form.

One Wings waiver per attendee will cover the whole week of the festival. Note: some partner organizations (e.g. Columbia River Paddle) may have their own waiver form which will require completion as well.

Online waiver option:

Use this link to complete the waiver form online:

Online Waiver

With successful completion, a copy of your completed waiver will be emailed to you; please download to your mobile device or print. If you do not receive the email with your waiver copy, please check your SPAM folder.

Paper waiver option:

Download blank waiver form:

Download Waiver

Download a blank waiver form, print and sign as many copies as the number of outdoor events that you will be attending. A waiver will be collected at each outdoor event. To avoid printing multiple copies, you can take a photo of both pages of the signed waiver with your mobile device and present at further outdoor events through the week.