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Wes Olson was raised in the rugged foothills of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. There, on family camping, hunting and fishing trips he began a life-long association with wild places and wildlife that live in them. Following graduation from college Wes worked for several years as a Wildlife Technician for the Yukon Government, and in 1981, began a career with Parks Canada as a National Park Warden in Banff, and later in Waterton Lakes, Elk Island, Prince Albert and Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan. For over two decades Wes managed the plains and wood bison populations in Elk Island National Park, and participated in the translocation  and establishment of almost every free-roaming plains and wood bison population in Canada. In 2005 he helped to establish the new plains bison herd in Grasslands National Park, and in 2008 transferred to GNP. Wes retired in 2012 and rather than stop working with bison, established his own bison consulting company and continues to work in the field of bison conservation.

In addition to more than 30 years of working with National Park plains and wood bison, Wes and his wife Johane owned and operated their own bison ranch in Alberta for 14 years. Outside of his role as a Park Warden, Wes was a judge at a Denver Gold Trophy show and sale, was a member of the Bison Taxonomy Committee of the Wood Bison Recovery Team, and a member of the CBA Bison Pedigree Committee

Wes’s passion for bison spills over into his creative side and he and his wife Johane have written the books, “Portraits of the Bison; An Illustrated Guide to Bison Society”, and “A Field Guide to Plains Bison.” These captivating book take the reader through bison society with rich illustrations, photographs and descriptive text. He also has many fine art limited edition prints in circulation. Governments, Corporate and private collectors around the world have sought Wes’s artwork for several decades.

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