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Richard Hoar is a retired BC Conservation Officer living in Invermere, BC. A member of the Lake Windermere Dist. Rod & Gun Club he oversees the Habitat Stewardship Committee for the club. The club is an active member of the Columbia Valley Stewardship Partners (CWSP) carrying out various projects in the Columbia Wetlands, the Turtle Basking logs being one of them. The club is the oldest conservation minded organization in the valley operating for 103 years.

Verena Shaw is a passionate naturalist and has extensive experience working on local conservation projects. Through the Columbia Wetland Stewardship Partners (CWSP), she is currently involved in a local Western Painted Turtle conservation project. The first part of the project in 2020 consisted of looking for turtles and their nesting sites and assessing the health of these sites. Then in 2021 and now 2022 she is involved in helping lead a citizen science project in which volunteers go out and count turtles on basking logs that were placed by the Invermere Rod &  Gun Club.

Verena is also an avid birder and project assistant for the local Wildsight Golden’s Upper Columbia Swallow Habitat Enhancement Project (UCSHEP) and is also helping to lead another local citizen science project through CWSP, which involves local sightings of American Badgers and their dens in order to potentially conserve some of the crown land that they live on.

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