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Ellen was born and raised in Invermere, B.C. She began her agriculture career working at Edible Acres farm in Windermere B.C. It was there where she fell in love with agriculture and found a deep fulfillment from the rewards of hard work and dirty hands! Her journey into the world of soil has taken her to Costa Rica as a Sustainable Agriculture Intern, on multiple permaculture design courses, and finally landed her at Old Blue Truck Farm. After graduating with her BSc in Geography and Environmental Studies, Ellen and her friend Alicia decided to take on the task of getting Old Blue Truck Farm up and running. The Old Blue Truck Farm is a Wilker family run farm, whose focus is on growing soil first!

In addition to agriculture, Ellen has grown a keen eye for environmental stewardship and restoration. Currently, as the Program Assistant for the Lake Windermere Ambassadors, she hopes to help connect the people of her community to the beautiful ecosystems which sustain it.


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