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I grew up on a vegetable farm near Kitchener, Ontario but really didn’t do much other than ride on my grandpa’s lap when he was driving the tractor. Having left the farm at an early age, I didn’t have the opportunity to get my hands dirty until 2005 when I was approached by the Groundswell team to help them build a community greenhouse. I was a Groundswell board member and later the director from 2006-2014. Our goal was to help teach kids about the organic food system, from seed to table. In 2016 I had a newly found desire to produce more locally grown healthy food so our family started a purposely built Beyond Organic farm on a beautiful piece of land we found on Swansea Rd. Four years later we are selling healthy, nutrient dense fruit and vegetables at two markets, through a CSA, and at our farm stand. It has been a lot of hard work but totally worth it…………Be the change you wish to see.

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