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Presenters for Wings over the Rockies

Dr. Mark Zehnder and Judy Burns

Born and raised in Invermere, Dr. Zehnder has always had a passion and interest for wildlife; from as early as kindergarten he began finding and collecting animal bones. Carrying this passion into university, Dr. Zehnder studied at the University of Saskatchewan, Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

As the owner of the Invermere Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Zehnder & his staff care for not only the pets and livestock of the Columbia Valley but the wildlife as well, volunteering time and expertise in helping injured raptors and other wildlife for over 20 years.

Dr. Zehnder’s family, wife Ruth, and 4 children also see his passion unfold at home. During raptor rehabilitation, Dr. Zehnder takes the birds home and flys them in his field every day, conditioning them and preparing them for release into the wild. When rehabilitating these injured birds, the challenge has always been providing good post-operative physiotherapy in a non-stressful environment. The goal with the flight cage is to limit human contact and provide new opportunities for flight training in a safe non-threatening environment that is closer to their natural habitat.

Judy Burns

Living in the Columbia Valley for 21 years, Judy raised both of her sons Kyle and Darren here. Judy started with the Invermere Veterinary Hospital in 2005 and loves her job working with animals and Dr. Zehnder.

For most of her life horses have been Judy’s passion.After successfully completing Equine Studies in College, Judy worked in the horse industry, teaching lessons, breaking and training young horses for 25 years. Judy has transferred her passion for horses to the pets and wildlife she helps care for at the Invermere Veterinary Hospital.

Taking a special interest in working with injured birds and assisting with their rehabilitation, Judy saw the need for a flight cage to help provide a safe environment with little human contact for these birds to rehabilitate and prepare for release back into the wild.