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Colleen Campbell

I have always had a foot in each of the sciences and the arts. Even university combined studies in both realms, eventually resulting in three degrees in visual arts. However — those interests were always combined with persistent physical activities; basketball and volleyball, skiing, climbing and mountaineering and, eventually, working as a field biologist for twenty years.

My commitment to field biology began with a two-season project in 1990 - 91 and became 20 years of following mountain trails, finding animals and learning. Every day I returned home with questions and ideas. One constant is my continued quest to learn about the behaviour and habits of the animals I was studying, and about their history and the complexity of human responses to them.

My studio is where some of that learning finds expression. When I am not drawing or painting, I write and speak about our local species, especially bears and coyotes. I believe that if we fail to understand the lives of The Others (The title of a wonderful book about “How Animals Made us Human” by Parul Shepard, published in 1997) we also fail to value our planet in meaningful ways.

I have lived full-time in the Canadian Rockies since 1982.