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Tracy Flynn

Director for Columbia Lake Stewardship Society

By the age of 8, Tracy was filleting fish for customers at her families fly fishing lodge in Northern Alberta, and Christina Lake would continue to draw her back throughout her adult life. It was here that Tracy learned management, budgeting, bookkeeping, housekeeping, guiding, cooking and interpersonal skills through the long hours and hard work of being self-employed.

“My favorite time of the day was in the early morning when I would be down on the docks cleaning the boats and fueling them in preparation for another day. The stillness of the water with the occasional cry of the loon – a nice start to the busy day ahead!”

Tracy has lived around lakes her entire life; they are an integral part of who she is today. She loves water and the changeability of it. Calm and turquoise blue or grey with choppy white capped waves – each has its own beauty and charm. Columbia Lake has won a special place in her heart. The undeveloped east side with its abundance of wildlife along quiet shores amazes her. She has come to realize we all have to work together to preserve what we have and what we each value highly. She is happy to work with her neighbors ensuring that the Columbia Watershed can provide enjoyment and peace to generations to come.

“I am also enjoying learning more about limnology – the study of freshwater systems – a word that I wasn’t even aware of a year ago. What I lack in knowledge I hope to make up in enthusiasm!”