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Presenters for Wings over the Rockies

Gail Berg

Gail has lived in the Columbia Valley since 1992 and is a Plant Ecologist specializing in Rangeland Management. She worked 10 years as an Agrologist for BC Forest Service in Invermere before taking the bronze handshake and working on International Development projects in Tibet, Xinjiang and Tajikistan. Gail has been self-employed doing contract work locally since 2008, but would take the leap and work overseas again if the right project showed up (preferably in a Spanish speaking country). She is currently in Costa Rica for 9 weeks studying Spanish and volunteering at a Tropical Agriculture Research Institute in Turrialba (CATIE) with the Climate Change modeling group. Seeing her first toucan has been the highlight of local birding so far, although the parrots are also unique but noisy.