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Spillimacheen Wetlands Walk-About with Ron Grams & Karen Reid

Time: 10:00AM to 2:30PM
Location: , Spillimacheen, BC, Canada
Ron Grams

Max People: 10
Cost: $ 25.00

Event Description

The Columbia River and wetlands environment occupies a portion of the Rocky Mountain Trench…a landform ‘rooted’ in tectonic processes which began more than 200 million years ago.  Fast forward…the valley, over the past million years has endured multiple cycles of global cooling and associated glaciation.  From a barren, post-glacial landscape to the wetlands we observe today.  Participants will be taken on a scenic hike through a historic wetlands property near Spillimacheen and introduced to various components of the wetlands ecosystem, the valley’s tectonic origin, some glaciology trivia and to the area’s amazing pioneering history. Level: Intermediate


Things to bring: Light hiking gear (water proof footwear), camera & binoculars and lunch.  Involves occasional light bush whacking.

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