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Flower Sex & Bee Conversations with Kathryn Manry (Evening Presentation)

Time: 7:00PM to 8:30PM
Location: , Invermere, BC, Canada
Kathryn Manry

Max People: 100
Cost: $ 20.00

Event Description

Bees talk to each other through a fascinating variety of sensory connections. In the dark of the hive they share information, give directions, and generally keep in touch. Much of their conversation is about flower sex (pollination) - which should interest us because it is vital to our food supply. And now, bees are facing threats that are quieting their conversations - and we should be very worried about that. In addition to the presentation, Rick and Dianna Tegart will present their beekeeping display titled "Pure Columbia Valley Ambrosia, Nectar of the Gods." They will be on hand to guide you through the life of a honey bee.

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