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A Good Ole-Fashioned Cat Fight! With David Bird (Lunch Presentation)

Time: 12:30PM to 1:45PM
Location: , Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, Canada
David Bird

Max People: 50
Cost: $ 30.00

Event Description

The direct ancestor of our house cats is likely the African wild cat, F. libyca. The cat, as we know it, was only fully domesticated during the last 150 years. Based on figures gleaned from the literature, there are now well over 150 million pet cats in the world. The number of feral cats is not really known. Roughly half of owned pet cats run free outdoors. While not all pet cats hunt birds, many of them do, even if well fed. A very conservative estimate is that close to two billion birds are killed by pet cats all over the world each year! Needless to say, it has been no easy task to convince cat-owners to keep their pets indoors and the subject has pitted animal-lovers squarely against one another, sometimes quite fiercely. It is critical that the two sides at least maintain a dialogue with one another to find a solution that is palatable for all. This visual presentation by Dr. David Bird attempts to do just that.


COST: $30.00 (includes lunch) 

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